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Medical Insurance Claim App for Windows 10

Calendar Features

  • Integrated Time Scales allow multiple time zones to be displayed at the same time.

  • Enhanced Date Picker control that integrates seamlessly with the Calendar. A single day or range of dates can be viewd simply by selecting them from the Date Picker.

  • Users are provided with a fast and easy way to edit the various appointments available in the calendar. Many of the options provided allow the appointments in the calendar to be edited with only the click of a mouse or the press of a key.

  • Includes four different calendar layouts. You can choose from day, 7 day week, 5 day work week, or month view. If a built-in view is not desired, then a user defined range of days can be specified.

  • Numerous appointment types come ready to use in the calendar. You can choose from any of the predefined appointment types including single day, multi-day, all-day, weekly, monthly, and yearly appointments.

  • Popup Date Picker support allows a popup calendar to be displayed anywhere on the screen.

  • Reminders make it easy to alert users when an appointment in the Calendar is approaching or is past due. You can customize how much in advanced or how long after the appointment's due time to alert the user.

  • Multi-Schedule calendar support so you can have many individuals schedules displayed at the same time.

  • Custom print support allows you to choose how the Calendar is to be printed.

  • Appointment data can easily be saved or loaded to an external database, xml file, or binary file.

  • All colors and fonts used in the Calendar can be customized.

Calendar, Appointments & Scheduling

You can choose from any of the predefined appointment types including

  • single day
  • multi-day, all-day
  • weekly,
  • monthly
  • yearly appointments

Calendar comes with its own built-in Date Picker control. 

An integrated Time Scale is automatically displayed while in Day or Work Week view. The time scale can be displayed in time increments from 5 minutes up to 1 hour. Up to two Time Scales can be displayed to show two different time zones at the same time. This allows you to easily keep track of appointments across time zones. 

Users can print the contents of Calendar. You can choose to incorporate a print header which includes a mini calendar of the current month, the current day, week, and day of the week. When viewing the Calendar in day or work week view you can specify a time range that will be printed so you are not limited to the times displayed on the screen. 

Alerting users about an upcoming calendar appointment or about an appointment that is past due is each with the calendar reminders. All you need to do is specify how far in advanced or how long after an appointment the reminder should occur and the calendar will notify you. 

Viewing and comparing the schedule of multiple users is effortless Calendar multi-schedule features. Multi-schedules work great in the office setting. If you are wondering what two or more people are doing on the same day, the schedule for each person can be displayed side-by-side so you can make informed decisions based on everyone's schedule. 

All of the colors, fonts, and text used in the calendar can now be customized. This allows you to customize each and every part of the calendar. You can now create a completely custom theme using the exact colors you need. Since you can change all text drawn by the calendar you can modify the format or text to look and say exactly what you want it to. 

Custom calendar appointment icon support allows you to override the standard occurrence, recurrence, private, meeting, and exception icons displayed in appointments and you can add your own additional icons.