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Product Development Roadmap

  • ADA™ Dental Claim Form
  • Hospital UB-04 (CMS-1450) Claim Form
  • Softclaim​™ mobile app using JavaScript and React

The Form CMS-1450, also known as the UB-04, is the standard claim form to bill Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) when a paper claim is allowed. The Office of Management and Budget and the National Uniform Billing Committee have approved the UB-04 claim form, also known as the CMS-1450 form.

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Dental Claim Form Data Entry

The ADA™ Dental Claim Form provides a common format for reporting dental services to a patient's dental benefit plan. ADA™ policy promotes use and acceptance of the most current version of the ADA™ Dental Claim Form by dentists and payers.

Softclaim​™ mobile app using JavaScript and React

CMS-1450 UB-04 Claim Form Data Entry


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coming soon


Medical Insurance Claim App for Windows 10