Health Insurance (Medical) Claims Clearinghouse

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Medical Insurance Claim App for Windows 10

What is a Clearinghouse for Medical Claims, and what do they do?

Why Clearinghouses Transmit Electronic Claims to Insurance Carriers, and Why the Service they Provide is Essential to Medical Practices.

Most simply, clearinghouses are aggregators (senders and receivers) of mountains of electronic claim information almost all of which is managed by software. 

And as each claim can trigger numerous actions, large clearinghouses today process trillions of transactions each year. 

Clearinghouses are essentially electronic stations or hubs that allow healthcare practices to transmit electronic claims to insurance carriers in a secure way that protects PHI, or protected health information. 

Additionally, clearinghouses offer medical billers and billing managers a way to consolidate all their electronic claims and manage them from a single location, from an online dashboard control panel, similar to online checking.